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OREGON WORDWORKS was established in Manzanita, Oregon, in 1989, by Skip Thomsen and Cathleen Freshwater. Skip was ready to publish his first book, More Power To You!, and Skip and Cathleen were also publishing Elixir!, an arts and entertainment newspaper for the North Oregon Coast, and since it seemed this was to be only the beginning, they decided to create their small-publishing company.

In 1993, the couple moved to rural Hawaii and left Oregon Wordworks in able hands back in Oregon. At this point, the main function of the Portland, Oregon office was to take care of marketing and distributing the books. They ran ads for More Power To You! in several magazines and sales were about evenly divided between book stores and mail-order.

!993 was also the time Skip and Cathleen published their second book, The Modern Homestead Manual. Since their new home was now in another state, they thought they'd start writing under a new name and make Oregon Wordworks into the marketing and distribution service for the new publishing company, Pandanus Publishing. The Modern Homestead Manual was published under the new name, and then for reasons involving taxes and shipping costs, Thomsen and Freshwater decided to abandon Pandanus Publishing and just continue writing and publishing under their original company name.

In 1994, Cathleen decided to pursue some other life dreams and she moved back to the Mainland. The couple is no longer a couple, but Oregon Wordworks is alive and well, has recently moved to a new location in Portland and is a growing business, marketing books all over the country to both individuals and book stores. (Thomsen is still happily living in Hawaii with his new Bride and two Kitties.) The books can be ordered through any book store, and are always available at Amazon.com.

Fast-forward to 2014! Because of the ocean between them and their growing family, Thomsen and his Lovely Bride have moved back to their original growing-up environs in California. They are now living in Sonoma County's beautiful redwoods and miss Hawaii a lot!

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