The Homestead Manual

Homesteaders represent the antithesis of "consumers." Homesteads by their nature,
create, nourish and nurture. Homesteaders are worthy stewards of the Earth.

The modern homesteader strives for autonomy, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

To some, self-sufficiency is nothing less than raising all of one's food;
creating buildings, clothes and furniture from salvaged materials;
and living without electricity. To others, the meaning is far less strict,
but no less meaningful.
The Modern Homestead Manual builds confidence, dispels myths, and tells it like it is.
The focus is on what it really takes to make it work, beyond the sidewalks and powerlines.

It is a sound investment in your future!

This is the second printing of The Modern Homestead Manual!
It's been updated with new info throughout, and especially the Resources Section!

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